Types of food you should never microwave

Nowadays microwave is one of the most useful appliances we use in our busy lives. Let’s face it, whether it is healthy or not, microwaves have been our lifesaver on more than one occasion.

However, few people know that under no circumstance some specific types of food should be heated up in the microwave, because they could become harmful. It is right not to waste anything, and try to save as much as possible, but you must keep in mind that not all types of food have the same properties.

Some of them, in fact, can become toxic because of their particular composition affected by the radiation of your appliance.

The heating process of putting food in a microwave can be dangerous for your health: radiations can alter the properties of food, and cause harmful effects on your organism. For this reason it is important to use your microwave in a safe and conscious way, in order to avoid turning this sidekick into a harmful tool.

Let’s discover in the following pages the types of food you should not microwave:

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