How to understand your cats: what do their behaviors mean?

We all agree. Understanding your cats is definetely not a piece of cake. You may have realized how complicated it can be to fully recognize all of the strange behaviors they exhibit. Having your books thrown off the table, seeing them run around the room like rockets are all reactions that have a very precise explanation.

According to experts, it doesn’t matter how weird your furry friend is, because there is a valid reason behind every attitude, look and behavior. If you are trying to build a better relationship with your cat, this article could be a guide to fully understand its gestures that, at times, seem to be just funny games or common moans.

What does it mean when it kneads with his paws? Why does it rub itself against your legs? And when it rolls on his stomach, is it simply happy, or is this gesture concealing something more?

Are you curious? Purrfect! Let’s find out how to understand your cats, and what their behaviors mean:

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