5 signs you’re eating too much sugar and 10 foods that contain it

We all love sugar. It can be found almost everywhere, but it would be better to pay attention. As well known, sugar is considered ass “empty calories”, because it contains no useful nutrients. If eaten in large quantities, it can cause serious health problems both for adults and children. That’s why we think it’s important to understand if you’re eating too much sugar!

By having too much sugar, directly or indirectly, you may risk developing an actual addiction. So, in order to eliminate this excessive need of sugar, a real detoxification is necessary.

You may rarely pay attention to your body’s signals, but we think you should be aware not only of some possible effects and symtoms, but also of what types of food contain a higher percentage of sugar, in order to reduce their consumption.

Let’s start from discovering 5 signs that you’re eating too much sugar:

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