How to make an exfoliating soap bar with only 2 ingredients

Making scrubs on a regular basis is important to keep your skin soft and healthy. But doing it by using only natural, organic and eco-friendly products is even better. By now we are aware that environmental sustainability can go along with body care. So today we will figure out together how to prepare an exfoliating soap bar in just a few minutes and just using 2 ingredients.

The ingredients for do-it-yourself exfoliant

You’ll need only 2 ingredients to prepare a DIY exfoliating soap bar at home. The first is a block of natural glycerin. This is a greasy organic mixture that does not give a oily feeling on the skin. It is used as the basis of all natural soaps and can be purchased at herbal stores or on the Internet.

The second is loofah, a 100% biodegradable natural sponge. It is a zucchini-shaped fruit whose pulp, when dried, takes on a slightly stretchy, spongy texture similar to a tangle of woven straw. It is used to make sponges, scrub gloves or backwash bands from it, but it is also easy to find in its natural form. You can even grow it directly at home from seeds or small plants.

How to prepare an eco-friendly exfoliating soap bar

Let’s start the making of exfoliating soap bars by melting glycerin cut into cubes in a water bath. Meanwhile, take some silicone molds preferably round, square or rectangular. Cut the loofah and place a piece in each mold. When the glycerin has completely melted, pour it into the molds and wait for it to solidify. The exfoliating soap bar is now ready to be used for hand and body care.

If you want to decorate the soaps, maybe to make them a gift to your loved ones, you can add a few drops of food coloring. Or if you prefer to recycle old soap bars, you can make the same exfoliating soap by melting leftover soap that you would otherwise have thrown away.

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