Values to pass on to children for them to be happy

Maybe, the most important task that is set for all mankind is to pass on to new generations their own experiences, values and beliefs. These will help them untangle the difficulties of life, with the hope of making them better human beings. Parents, grandparents and teachers must be aware of 4 important values to pass on to young minds.

Being humble

No human being is above others. This is the first basic point that must be taught to children. Teaching them to be humble will give the new generation a more realistic view of their environment. One less gift or one concession denied will help them understand that not everything is always possible right when they want it.

Be committed

Commitment is a value that develops in children over time. Therefore, you’ll need to help them to commit by teaching them that there are important things to fight and strive for.


The best way to get to know yourself and others is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, trying to analyze events from his or her point of view. This way you learn what might hurt others and how to avoid causing it to people who love you.

Empathy is the value that allows children to start having real friends, to understand how to relate to them in the future to be happy. Last, but not least, is that to ensure these values are passed on you will have to lead by example. Always be firm and consistent and match words with actions, the latter always being the most important.

Build self-esteem

Too many adults do not believe in their own capabilities. So it is good to strengthen self-esteem from the earliest days of life. Never be too critical all the time. On the contrary, support and encourage your childrens’ choices and show them your satisfaction when they accomplish. Teach children to be strong and to believe in the positive outcome. A person with strong self-esteem will hardly let the initial struggles get him down, because he or she will have learned that he or she has the right to be happy and will definitely not give up.

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