Christmas gifts: eco-friendly solutions for wrapping gifts

To make your Christmas gifts even more special, you definitely need to equip them with a nice handwritten note on a card. Wrapping can also make a difference. Not only for the person receiving it but also for the planet. The holiday season is likely to be a triumph of consumerism. In addition to choosing sustainable gifts and limiting food waste as much as possible, today we suggest some eco-friendly solutions for wrapping your presents.

Recycled paper and ribbons

After unwrapping Christmas gifts, we often find ourselves surrounded by a flood of paper. Is this an unavoidable outcome? Maybe so, but we can still do something useful for the planet. Instead of buying new wrapping paper, we can recycle what we already have at home. Newspaper, for example, is great and very picturesque for creating beautiful packages, capable of wrapping even large objects.

If you have to wrap smaller Christmas gifts, you can also choose to use that from old magazines or comics. What about brown paper bread bags? They, too, are great, especially if you have to wrap soft, irregular or small puppet objects. If you really don’t have anything at home, choose a roll of raw, unprinted wrapping paper. That way, once the gift is unwrapped, you can use it to light the stove.

And once it’s torn, what to do with it? Well, you should try to throw as little of it away as possible. For example, if you have kids, you can save it for future home collage activities, to make recycled confetti for Carnival, or even ask teachers if it can be used at school.

DIY decorations for your Christmas gifts

Some kitchen string and natural items such as twigs, pine cones or berries give your gift a homemade, handcrafted look that will warm the hearts of those who receive it.

Otherwise, if you have scraps of fabric at home, you can cut them into thin strips and create lovely DIY bows. Finally, to close the packages, try to avoid using tape or staples because it is difficult to separate them from the packaging and recycle them properly. You can find hundreds of tutorials on the Internet for wrapping gifts by simply folding the paper correctly and fastening it with string or ribbons.

Use fabric to wrap your gifts in a chic and eco-friendly way

We close by recommending an extremely chic and environmentally sustainable alternative for wrapping your Christmas gifts without wasting paper. Have you ever thought of wrapping gifts with fabric? You can do it with a beautiful vintage scarf or a vintage country kitchen towel. Your package will look beautiful, the bow will complete it, and the wrapping will be an essential part of the gift.

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