Poinsettia: how to take care of it and make it bloom again

The poinsettia is definitely the plant that is most often given as presents as Christmas approaches. Whether it’s a gift from a friend or a relative, this plant tends to meet a poor end once withered.

Yet this is a pity, because poinsettia is able to bloom again, and it requires very little care indeed. With a bit of patience and the proper care, you can enjoy the beautiful colors its leaves have, instead of getting rid of it after the Holidays are over!

How to take care of the poinsettia

Taking care of the poinsettia is actually easy and within everyone’s reach! The very first thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t require much water. Just water it only when the soil is almost dry. You also need to be careful about water stagnation, which could cause it to wilt much sooner than expected.

If you want to keep it indoors, you should place it in a well-lit room, where you’ll also let circulate air now and then. In nice and warm seasons it can also stay outdoors, but avoid any direct contact with sunlight.

The poinsettia generally does not require repotting. But if you want to do so you’ll have to wait until its full withering, around May. Also remember to put a good amount of expanded clay at the bottom of the new pot, so that the soil is always well drained.

How to make the poinsettia bloom again

The first thing to do, in order to make your plant re-bloom, is to cut the branches by about ten centimeters. It will then be essential to keep it always under shade, away from direct sunlight, during summer. Finally, around September, first fertilize the soil, and if all has worked out well by the end of the month we will see the new flowers popping up!

To increase the chances of re-blooming, keep the poinsettia in complete darkness during the evenings and nights of September and October. Retire it indoors around 5 p.m., then expose it to light and air again after 7 a.m.!

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