A beautiful skin after turning 50: Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret

Jennifer Lopez is widely considered as an absolute beauty icon in the showbiz world. The American singer and actress has been driving millions of fans around the world crazy for several years. Despite having long passed her first half-century anniversary, she maintains a truly admirable physical shape. How can she look her best all the time? Let’s find out together what is her elixir of eternal youth, which allows her to always have gorgeous skin.

A glowing skin with no wrinkles

How can the wonderful JLo have a glowing skin despite her 53 years of age? Of course, a healthy lifestyle and lots of gym time have certainly helped her a lot, but it is not just about that. In fact, her skin shows no trace of spots or wrinkles. She is always happy to show off by minimizing filters and make-up fixes. In any case, Ben Affleck’s wife knows perfectly well that details can make all the difference. For that reason, she uses a homemade drink for skin that is always on the upswing.

What is Jennifer Lopez’s miracle drink

What is the beauty secret by which Jennifer Lopez does not miss a single bit of her shine? According to well-informed sources, it would simply be a ginger tea drink with lemon slices. The showgirl posted a photo gallery where she proudly showed off her miracle drink, adding the hashtag #gingervibezz and immediately making it go viral. Despite removing the post, JLo managed to create a universal trend this time as well.

The strengths of ginger tea with lemon slices

Ginger tea with lemon slices would ensure a truly remarkable set of key points. According to experts, this drink is an outstanding antioxidant and protects against the action of free radicals. For these reasons, tea is used in creams, masks, peels and various types of cosmetic products. To all this, the properties of ginger and vitamin C from lemon should be mentioned, making the skin look gorgeous in any condition anda having brightening, evening and revitalizing effects.

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