A tidy house over the holidays? Not an impossible task

During the Holidays keeping your house neat and tidy can become complicated and frustrating. By following a few tips, however, it becomes easier. This holiday season, the house is always stormed by guests. Juggling cooking, shopping, tidying up and cleaning can become really difficult. However, here are some tips that can help you make less of an effort by always keeping the house tidy.

Guests: a few tips to avoid mess and dirt

Bad weather always catches you unprepared. Perhaps just as you are expecting guests it may start raining or snowing. A good tip is to add another rug in addition to the doormat. Ideally, place it inside the house as soon as you walk in, by the door. This way the floor can stay cleaner. In case that’s not enough, it’s a good idea to always keep the mop or rag ready with a little bit of detergent, so that if needed you can run it over the stains on the floor, you just need to remember to change its water every day and rinse it and you’re done.

Offering appetizers or snacks while sitting cozily on the couch, in front of the fireplace, will make the atmosphere more homey and comfortable, but it can turn out to be a nightmare for housekeeping. Indeed, attention is not always given to crumbs and leftovers with the result that these then end up everywhere. Limiting food to the table will make it easier to pick up crumbs and keep things tidy and clean.

Boxes, small boxes, packages and bags

During the holiday season, the house becomes crowded with boxes, bags and packages. Entrances become closets in which to stack all the stuff as soon as you enter the house. A little attention to detail is the best help we can get. By storing new purchases and gifts in their place right away, order and cleanliness will be restored more simply and quickly. Bags should be folded and stored all together so they take up less space.

It’s useless not to throw away gift wrappings right away: it’s good to keep only the essential ones, in which electronic devices are contained, the others are unnecessary.

Teamwork for a tidy house during the Holidays

Every member of the family should help to clean up and keeping the house tidy. Helping each other cuts down the time needed for a task, perhaps even avoiding it entirely. Teamwork is not only essential when working, but also at home, and a vacation is really meant to be when everyone enjoys it.

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