Sunscreens in winter: why we should protect our skin all year round

We usually think it’s okay to start using sunscreens from about May until September. But actually, according to experts, we should use them throughout the year. Choosing the right sunscreens in winter is also important because it helps us delay the formation of skin imperfections.

In addition, good cleansing facial skin is essential so that the cream can penetrate well and act properly. Sunscreens can be great allies for us. We just need to understand if and when to apply them and especially how we can use them so that they perform their protective function in the best possible way.

Let’s try to understand why and what creams protect us by.

UVB and UVA rays: the differences

UVB rays are the ones that allow sunburn and blushing during summer, while UVA rays are the ones that can cause the formation of wrinkles or some spots on the face. All of which can result in premature aging of the skin. So not only in summer, but also in winter, an adequate cream with the right level of protection is needed. Especially for those who live in the city and therefore need to defend themselves also from smog, as well as in the mountains, where the sun can be harmful in the same way as the beach.

Which SPF should you choose?

Each type of Spf should suit the skin and the time of year. Choose a sunscreen with higher Spf to protect the skin in summer (50/50+) or lower (15/30) for more delicate skin and in winter. The texture should be adapted to the person. With oily, impure or acne-prone skin, an impalpable or light texture is needed. Dry skin, on the other hand, needs a plumping cream. Mature skin will have to prefer a full-bodied composition to give softness.

Can we reuse summer creams?

Luckily, it is possible to reuse summer creams even during fall and winter months. This prevents environmental and economic waste. As long as they are always in good condition and have kept the same color and smell. Obviously, more care is needed in how we store them, especially regarding temperature changes and the possible entry of air inside the container.

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