Aunts and uncles and nephews and nieces: why this bond is so important

Aunts and uncles hold a very important place within every family. In fact, the bond established between uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews represents a very strong connection; an aunt, for example, can also be considered as a second mother and, at the same time, a confidante with whom to have fun and share secrets and adventures that are difficult to talk about with parents.

The factors behind the aunt-uncle and nephew-nieces relationship

The bond between uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews is certainly very different from the one with parents; but it is just as important and solid. It is an unbreakable relationship that is strengthened over time, and is made up not only of moments of joy; as a matter of fact, there’s also extreme support in the most delicate stages of a person’s life. Uncles or aunts who actively participate in the life of the nephews and nieces can become very important reference figures.

How is this bond built?

The rules do not change much from those that apply to a parent. It is necessary to be open and able to listen, trying to remain neutral. Nephews and nieces must then know that they can trust their uncle and aunt, unless there’s a dangerous situation. It is also important to maintain relationships; you can stay in touch through social media, for example, and to show helpfulness and responsiveness. We are all encouraged to talk to those who show interest in us!

The role of the uncle and aunt over time

Uncles and aunts are an intermediate figure between parents and grandparents. The aunt can also be seen by nieces and nephews as a kind of older sister or even a second mother; in either case, she will be able to give advice, thus establishing a deep and sincere bond with nieces or nephews. Although the relationship aunts-uncles and nieces-nephews may change and evolve over time, the bond will become stronger and stronger. Moreover, especially in cases where this bond has been present since the child’s birth, it will be a spontaneous and healthy process that will enrich everyone’s lives.

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