15 things you should never do while on your period

Nowadays, there are still many women who hesitate to talk openly about menstruation. The topic is still considered a kind of a taboo. How many times have you sneaked out to the bathroom? Or how many times have you felt embarrassed, or in a bad mood while on your period?

According to some anthropologists’ opinion, this goes back to the Neolithic period and the establishment of patriarchy. Loss of blood was seen as a sign of weakness and impurity. Science and religion have subsequently contributed to the persistence of this belief.

During their period some women experience a strong feeling of discomfort, while others may suffer from additional and different ailments due to hormonal changes. In addition, we cannot say that we really know everything about the pain caused by menstruation.

In order to deal with this recurring event in the best way, find out on the following pages 15 things to be absolutely avoided during your period:

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