Exercising after work: here are what to do and how

Office work leads to sitting many hours at a table at a desk and getting up only during the lunch break. Including exercises in your daily routine that you can do once you get home is necessary to relieve numb muscles. Practicing physical activity also improves blood circulation after many hours of stagnation, and relieves stress and fatigue. Let’s see what to do for exercising after work and feel better.

Exercising your muscles after work

As many experts suggest, there are simple free-body exercises you can do once you get home after work. Circulars are done by keeping the legs apart, extending the arms sideways and drawing imaginary circles. Best to do 10 repetitions clockwise and 10 counterclockwise.

Another activity that can benefit the body is the hula hoop. Just try to make wide circular movements with the pelvis, keeping the legs apart and the arms at the sides, and repeat 10 times clockwise and 10 counterclockwise. Knee rotations to be performed with the legs apart should not be missed either. One bends down to reach the knee and with that do rotations from the inside out.

After-work exercises for lower and upper body

After work it is advisable to do exercises to regain muscle tone. For the lower part, the bridge is suitable; it is done by lying on the floor with the legs bent and trying to raise the pelvis as much as possible, then returning to the starting position. It takes 20 push-ups to repeat the exercise twice, every 30 seconds. To train the upper body, the bird position is suitable.

With the legs flexed at 45 degrees and the torso slightly forward. Each hand should have a one-pound weight and you should stretch your arms with your elbows slightly bent, returning to the starting position. The exercise should be performed twice for 30 repetitions, with a one-minute break between sets.

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