10 tips for clearing stubborn clogs in a natural way

Any drain will develop clogs: it’s mathematical. Daily use puts sinks and shower to the test. Food residues, grease, hair, shampoo residues and oily detergents end up in the drains, creating obstructions to the normal water flow.

Most of the time clogs in pipes so form gradually, and then just use the usual products. But sometimes bulkier residues block the pipes and make water flow impossible. In addition to the general discomfort caused by this situation, a clogged drain also causes unpleasant odors to spread throughout the house.

Before resorting to products full of toxic chemicals and pollutants, you may try using a natural remedy. You can prepare very effective solutions with what you already have in your cupboard, spending a small amount of money and avoiding polluting the environment.

Let’s have a look at 10 tips to clear drains without chemicals:

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