Cleaning your fridge and freezer with a few easy tricks

As commonly known, cleaning the fridge can be a hassle! You should remove all the drawers, then put them back in place. Be careful with detergents though, since we store food in the fridge… Not to mention the hard work of defrosting the freezer!

As a good habit, cleaning the fridge should be done at least once a month. Yet many of us do it thoroughly, maybe, once or twice a year. The result? Dirt, bad odors and, in the worst cases, mold and bacteria spread out. But now, thanks to this guide, we’ve collected all the tips for you to easily clean your fridge!

Do you want to learn natural mixtures to clean your fridge without chemicals? How to save on your bills with a simple precaution? Let’s start with the most complex task: defrosting the freezer.

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