Ears: the color of your earwax reveals how healthy you are

Earwax is a waxy secretion produced by the sebaceous glands of the ear duct. Highly useful for our health, earwax protects the ears from dirt and ensures proper sound transmission through its lubricating action on the eardrum. The color of earwax, its consistency and the frequency with which it is produced can help you better understand your health status.

Cleaning your ears with a Q-tip pushes earwax against the eardrum. This can create ear plugs, eardrum injuries and infections. For this very reason, otolaryngologists agree that to maintain good ear hygiene it is sufficient to clean the ears with just a finger.

In case of ear plug forming, as well as hearing difficulties or ear pain, before engaging in any treatment do not hesitate to consult your doctor or your pharmacist of choice.

So let’s find out what the different colors of earwax indicate about your health status:

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