Top 14 common mistakes people make on social networks

Using social networks is almost everyone’s daily bread, and there are some rules to follow. In fact, in order to avoid embarrassing mistakes on social networks, it is important to follow some basic principles, such as the ones listed below.

Clearly, the first important guideline is to follow good manners and never assume that any other user will be as polite as you. Giving a bad impression by sounding rude is no excuse for making mistakes on social networks.

As a matter of fact, even in sharing and posting pics and captions on social media “etiquette” must be followed. This way, your followers and friends will be interested and more involved about your contents. Do you post photos of your pet regularly? Do you always end a conversation with a little heart or a cute emoji? Have you ever really thought about what behaviors you should avoid?

Let’s find out the 14 most common mistakes people make on social networks:

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