Wooden furniture : 9 DIY methods to clean and protect it

Wood is a very common material used around our homes and can make any room feel cozy and yet elegant. From pretty mountain cabins to charming beach cottages and country house interiors, wooden furniture makes the difference, making any place special and unique.

Like all beautiful things, however, there is a downside: unlike other materials, it is not easy to keep wood in good conditions, as it can easily darken, crack and get damaged. Woodworms represent another threat to wood.These insects prefer quite warm and humid environments and love peace and quiet, so our homes presents themselves as their ideal habitat. However, there are 9 natural remedies that can help to get rid of them.

There are several specific products on supermarket shelves for cleaning wood surfaces; some of them are useful for any anti woodworm treatment, but they are often made of overly aggressive chemical detergents and not very sustainable from an ecological perspective. Better to opt for homemade solutions! With a few simple ingredients, you can prepare effective detergents at home to clean any wooden surface, including damaged ones, and also to get rid of any insect.

Let’s find out which are the 9 natural ingredients that will help you:

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